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Every day your car or boat’s exterior are bombarded by damaging environmental conditions: UV rays, salt, sand, mud, grease & oil, air-borne pollutants, mineralized water, etc. Meanwhile, your interior is subject to buildups of food & beverage spills, odours, film from cigarette smoke, etc. All of these factors work together to dull your paint, corrode your chassis, stain your hull, and contaminate your interior.

The average driver spends several hours each week in their vehicle, and regular commuters may spend many hours behind the wheel. Why not make that time as comfortable as possible by having it professionally detailed? At Bristol Auto Performance we offer great pricing on a range of auto cleaning and detailing packages.


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exterior detailing packages

interior detailing  packages

marine detailing

Bristol Auto Performance also offers boat cleaning services. We offer:

  • High-pressure washing of hull and deck surfaces
  • Steam cleaning of carpets & upholstery
  • Vinyl/leather cleaning and protective coating
  • Rust removal and polishing of fittings
  • Engine detailing

And, since we also offer full-service marine engine repairs, you can have your motor serviced at the same time you have your vessel detailed!

Since the size and type of vessels vary widely, we do not offer set package pricing. Please call us at 819-647-3313 for pricing and to schedule an appointment.

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